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Comics by women for women - CLAMP


Who says comics are not literature?
Comics are a great combination between the letters and the graphic arts, the union that allows its clear understanding by people at various levels of knowledge, which in theory, make them more democratic compared to books and exhibitions of arts, especially in times of Today, with the advent of the internet, where one can find a plethora of available works, just have patience to make downloads.Como I really like Eastern comics, then they will have the privilege today! Next week we switch to Josi!
Manga are Japanese comics and manga are the artists who give life to them, and perform the work skillfully, nourishing a certain contempt for technological support, their work is handmade, manga are often made only with a fountain pen and ink! In Japan they are taken as seriously as the novels here in Brazil, the industry works in full swing and every year, artists employ as mangaka in Japão.Números impressive, no?As a big fan of this sport literary''m here to defend them and traverse a bit about women who are in them inseridas.Podem be villains, damsels, believe they make a difference! But, however today I speak of women who create the comics! These women who I''m talking use no additional assistant, why not work with goals, but with quality! Each is responsible for a part of the work in making of manga!
I speak of that group CLAMP is one of the most acclaimed groups mangaka today. Emerged in the 80s, when a group of friends decided to get together to publish short works unofficial, so-called doujinshis.Na most often they parodied pre-existing series, such as a classic work of Saint Seiya yaoi.
Yaoi is the part of male homosexual comics, in fact they have different aspects but this is a matter for the future.
In 1987, they decided to start producing their own stories, and 89 received the proposal to officially publish the magazine Wings, RG Veda, was the group''s debut work of CLAMP. After the premiere the group reached stardom, and published major successes that are sure many of us have caught on contact format anime, cartoon deles.Alguns examples are: X/1999, Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicle , Chobits among many outros.Atualmente the group is composed of artists Mokona, Satsuki Igarashi, Nanase Ohkawa and Tsubaki Nekoi but grew to 11 members at the beginning!His trademarks are the extremely elaborate scenarios and characters where every detail is worked to perfection, see the hair, eyes and clothes prepared, determined the fact that "CLAMP style." It is impossible not to look at a manga or an anime and not know how to differentiate what is and what is not CLAMP. Also the plots are developed taking into account the cultural and religious tradition Nipponese, whose belief is based on animism and anthropomorphism of nature, a characteristic found in Shinto, the great pillar of the essence of the Japanese people.
Therefore, their stories are intriguing issues involving ancestry, mysticism, karma, stories that were not resolved in a lifetime and that will have to be resolved in other incarnations, be they issues of love, friendship, hatred or vingança.Também''s humorous elements and a certain eroticism yaoi and yuri [lesbianism] in their productions. The intertextuality between the works themselves is a very good employee to maintain the loyalty of the public, because they always bring the key piece that will solve some mystery in other works, by the way extended.All these elements makes the manga group CLAMP captivate not only the girls, who are originally directed, but also to boys. I hope the success of the group CLAMP here is inspiring to our group blog! How are gone my links to download some manga group CLAMP, and even then it is not feasible because there are hundreds of volumes, I will put videos of anime adaptations of works some of the girls!
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